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What we do for advertisers

We will help improve the way you attract customers by optimizing your overall advertising platform and providing you with better insight into your datasets.

Use our advertising platform to explore new demographics, get started with email marketing, and improve your already active campaigns.

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How we serve publishers

Publishers can access our suite of online marketing tools, including high-performing landing pages, an advanced analytics system, and an easy-to-integrate API.

We offer detailed proprietary reporting to optimize your sales conversions.

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Partnering with dot818

Dot818 works with a variety of top-tier companies, including major publishers, review websites, blogs, and content producers.

For more information on those we partner with, or to become a partner yourself, please contact us.

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How is dot818 different?

Our platform is a cut above the competition.
Here’s what sets us apart.


Our specialized technology is built to serve advertisers, publishers, and brick-and-mortar companies.


Our team is made up of experts who have been in performance marketing since 2011.


We strive to maintain a marketing platform that our clients can trust.


We cultivate strong relationships with each of our clients by always going the extra mile.


We have earned a reputation as a reputable organization that goes beyond the minimum required by the law.

Customer Service

Our support team is available whenever you need help – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Aim High

We take a unique approach to celebrating company achievements: Every time we mark a
significant company milestone, we celebrate by delivering our flag to one of the highest
peaks in the world.

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