Finturf: A Point-of-Sale Multi-Lender Financing Solution

Finturf follows dot818’s tradition of providing scalable technology for businesses looking to grow. It’s a point-of-sale financing solution for merchants and service providers of all sizes. It connects in-store customers to lenders offering buy now pay later options. In addition, advertisers and publishers can connect to the platform to increase traffic value or provide a popular financing option to loan customers.

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How Finturf’s Point-of-Sale Financing Works

More than ever, consumers are looking for simplified and transparent financing options. Finturf steps in to help customers find the funding they need to pay for high-dollar transactions upfront. By integrating Finturf’s platform, advertisers boost customer acquisition by directly connecting to these consumers. Similarly, publishers maximize their revenue per lead when working with the POS financing product.

A consumer’s point-of-sale financing request enters the Finturf system
Finturf sends the financing request to its lending partners
One of Finturf’s lending partners accepts the request and agrees to pay the merchant or service provider
The merchant receives the funding from the lender, and the consumer pays back the lender

Why Finturf?

Here are some of the top reasons merchants choose us for POS financing:

Easy Setup

Approved merchants can set up the cloud-based solution in less than an hour. Once the platform is up and running, you can integrate Finturf’s software with your existing CRM platform.


Finturf’s development team keeps the platform, dashboard, and reporting tools up to date. The lenders within Finturf’s network are continually updated to maintain reputability.

White label service

Merchants who use Finturf can rebrand and customize our platform to include their company's logo, color scheme, and other design attributes.

24/7 client support

Finturf’s team provides 24/7 customer and tech support. Additionally, Finturf’s development team regularly updates the platform at no charge to the merchant.

Hassle-Free Financing

Storefronts and websites can easily integrate Finturf’s point-of-sale financing solution into their checkout process. The request process takes a few simple steps. The consumer will receive a real-time response, and if approved, may walk away with the product.

High approval rates

Lenders within Finturf’s network work with most credit types, increasing the chances of consumers finding alternative financing options.

Soft Inquiries

Finturf’s partnered lenders use soft credit checks to minimize the impact on the consumer’s credit score.

No Stress

The merchant is not accountable for any paperwork or credit risks when working with Finturf’s platform. Instead, the lender will be responsible for any potential late payments.

All-in-One Financing Platform

If the consumer is denied for point-of-sale financing, Finturf may attempt to connect them with a personal loan provider instead. If approved for a personal loan, the customer can return to the store to finalize the purchase.

Waterfall Algorithm

Finturf utilizes a waterfall algorithm to maximize the chances of a consumer connecting with a lender. If the customer is not connected to the first lender, the request moves down the ping-tree to the following lender.

Fast money transfer

Merchants do not need to wait until the customer repays their loan to get the funds. Instead, the merchant receives their money upfront and in full within three to five business days.

Full performance reporting

Finturf’s dashboard offers full performance reporting by location and salesperson. The user-friendly dashboard allows merchants to filter by pending, pre-approved, and rejected requests.

Mobile App

The Finturf app connects customers to local merchants that offer the products and financing options they are looking for.


Geo-targeting displays merchants within the consumer’s geographical area. This drives more customers to the merchant’s store and can increase their customer base.

Easy Loan Request

Finturf’s app also allows customers to complete the loan request straight from their mobile phones, increasing flexibility and ease of use.

Customer acquisition

Consumers can search the app for merchants offering buy now pay later options. This increases foot traffic for merchants that have integrated Finturf’s point-of-sale solution.

The Finturf Advantage

Here are some of the ways Finturf is a win-win-win for merchants, publishers, and advertisers:

Merchant Advantages

Point-of-sale financing can increase the merchant’s conversion rates and revenue of higher ticket items while also providing the consumer with a positive experience. Additionally, a seamless and flexible payment option can incentivize customers to return. Lastly, merchants can gain an advantage over competitors who don’t offer buy now pay later options.

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Advertiser Solutions

Advertisers increase customer acquisition by directly connecting to consumers searching for alternative funding options. This yields exclusive, tailored leads for advertisers. Additionally, advertisers have access to automated and optimized lead generation algorithms. And lastly, advertisers can filter leads using free customizable integrations, screening metrics, and smart forms.

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Publisher Solutions

Through Finturf, publishers maximize their revenue per lead by connecting to a network that offers better lead monetization opportunities. This is thanks to reputable POS financing lenders who can increase traffic revenue.

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