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When we came up with the idea for dot818, we knew there were already performance marketing agencies out there. We wanted to go one step farther and offer a service that could actively respond to the real needs and wants of today’s advertisers and publishers. It was with this vision that we set out to build something new.

Since day one, our mission has been to maintain a company that our clients can trust

Our core values are honesty, consistency, and fairness. We build strong relationships through tenacious effort while keeping a firm focus on client needs and a deep commitment to success.

We started dot818 as a business, but it has grown into a family – one that exists in a fast-changing and rewarding space. We distinguish ourselves by building responsive relationships with fellow marketers. We pride ourselves on cultivating a level of trust and reliability uncommon in the online world. These values have made it possible for us to grow into a prominent technology company for advertisers and publishers.

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We are always looking for highly motivated individuals who want to work in a fast-paced environment and are committed to bringing the highest quality services and support to their clients.

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