The Glendale Gambit: Highlights from Our First Chess Competition

Thank you to everyone who helped make Saturday's inaugural Battle of the Badges chess competition a memorable community event.

We had teams from the Glendale Police Department, Fire Department, city representatives, and some talented kids from the American Chess Academy, each bringing their best game to the table.

It was great to see our community leaders and local heroes swapping their usual gear for chess pieces and timers. The energy was competitive but fun, with plenty of chess matches that kept the spectators on the edge of their seats.

“It only makes sense for chess to be part of everyday life in Glendale, where smart people work hard every day to make Glendale a national technology hub,” said our president, David Tonoyan, at the opening of the event.

Congratulations to the young champs from the American Chess Academy. They stole the show with their sharp strategies and determined spirit. It’s always impressive to see young talent leading the way.

The success of the "Battle of the Badges" has paved the way for making it an annual tradition in Glendale.

“I hope it will turn into an annual competition that will involve more city departments, local organizations, and companies,” said Tonoyan.