Get Ready for Busy Season

We have some tips to help you optimize your business before you get bombarded by the holiday season rush.

It’s no secret that the holidays bring in loads of loan customers. But if you aren’t careful, you may fail to capitalize on that increase in traffic. To help make sure you’re ready, we’re offering up some tips on how to prepare for the busiest season of the year.

Check Your Systems

Even Santa Claus checks his list twice. So go ahead and double check to make sure you’re getting what you want from our system and any other system used by you. And remember, our platform works better when we get data from you. Our technology is highly customizable, and we’re always willing to make changes to improve your results.

Focus on Search Engine Optimization

Google’s short-term loan policies have changed. One result has been that it’s even more important to have good SEO on your customer-facing websites. If you haven’t already, we recommend creating some pages geared toward the upcoming holiday season. This tip will be particularly useful to lenders who have a website for their physical stores, as Google seems to give preference to local results.

Run a Local Ad

Speaking of local ads, you may want to run one. Facebook lets you broadcast ads to people living within a radius of as little as one mile. A focused campaign like this can help you target customers in the right areas.

Contact Your AdWords Specialist

If you run an active PPC campaign, then you’re paying Google a decent chunk of money to get traffic to your site. Set up some one-on-one time with an AdWords specialist, and then work with them to make your campaigns run as efficiently as possible. They can pinpoint where you’re doing things right so you can expand on your successes while mitigating waste.

Remember It’s More than One Holiday

You are marketing about more than just Christmas here. We’re talking about Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and New Year’s Eve. Try not to let any holidays slip between the cracks.

Consider Adding Staff

You may want to add a few hands to help with the holiday rush. If that’s not a profitable solution, at least make sure that your current staff is trained and ready for Black Friday and beyond.

Set Yourself Apart

We don’t need to tell you that competition will be fierce this year. To make sure you stand out from the pack, you may want to decorate your domain with holiday lights to make it festive. Or try to offer an advantage that no one is else offering. Whatever you end up employing, just make sure the change isn’t too big. Which brings us to our next point …

Don’t Break What Isn’t Broken

We’re suggesting minor changes here. You don’t have time to reinvent your business, and if you make too many changes, you run the risk of accidentally ruining something that was working. For the most part, you should stick with what you already know works.

Don’t Forget to Remarket

You’ll likely be generating a lot of unique traffic this holiday season. Try not to lose them. If you have a good remarketing solution in place, you might be able to monetize this traffic well into the new year.

Let Us Help

This blog is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s plenty more we can do to help you get ready for holiday leads. Please contact your dot818 account manager for personalized support. Whether you’re a lender or an affiliate, we are here to help you get the most from the dot818 network.

It’s an exciting time of the year to be in the industry. We want to help you make the most of it. So be sure to visit our blog throughout the season for more tips on how to optimize your services.