Dot818 Wins City of Glendale’s Best Culture Award

The annual award recognizes a tech company that fosters innovation, helps its employees reach higher, and gives back to the community.

We are thrilled to announce that dot818 won the Best Culture Award at Glendale Tech Week’s closing ceremony last night. It is a fantastic honor. Thank you to everyone who voted and to the city of Glendale for hosting the event.

This award means a lot to us because it shows how much we care about each other and how gratifying it is to work at dot818. In addition, it relates to our commitment to being honest, consistent, and fair in everything we do. Those are the core values we embody and promote as part of our company culture.

The award also speaks to our motto to aim higher. We work better together as we push each other to improve and grow. Ours is an inspiring environment built to help each individual reach new heights.

We promise to keep aiming higher. We encourage everyone in the Glendale technology sector to do the same.