Connecting the Dots: The LA to Yerevan Initiative

At Dot818, we understand the power of connection. In technology, as in life, creating links between ideas, communities, and industries drives innovation. Today, we want to share exciting news about an initiative that echoes our commitment to this principle.

Recently, our CEO, David Tonoyan, was cited in a press release from Senator Anthony Portantino. We are thrilled to be part of a significant initiative that links not just cities but economies and cultures – establishing a direct flight between Los Angeles and Yerevan, Armenia.

In the release, Senator Portantino, chair of the Select Committee on California, Armenia, and Artsakh Mutual Trade, Art, and Cultural Exchange, reported on a recent informational hearing. The primary focus was reinforcing the bonds between California and Armenia in trade, technology, and travel. The need for a direct flight from Los Angeles to Yerevan was highlighted – a development that would help strengthen these relationships.

David emphasized this sentiment: "Access to a global pool of amazing talent is key to the success of any tech hub like Los Angeles. That's why connecting LA to Yerevan with a direct flight makes complete sense and is long overdue. Over the past year, dot818 has been working with major U.S. airlines, legislators, as well as LA-based tech companies with offices in Armenia, such as Plat.AI, to make LAX-EVN a reality within the next two years."

Bridging Communities Through Strategic Partnerships

Dot818 is more than a technology-building company; we're facilitators, collaborators, and community partners. Our involvement in the direct flight initiative embodies these values. It's not merely about improving travel. It's about bridging two communities, fostering the exchange of talent, ideas, and opportunities between two locations with a wealth to offer each other.

Over several years, dot818 has helped to build a coalition with the Southern California Armenian-American business community and key partners from various sectors, demonstrating our commitment through financial support for a new airline service between LAX and EVN. Our strategies include pre-purchasing frequent airline flier miles, initiating an airline-branded credit card enrollment campaign, and offering marketing and advertising support in Southern California and Armenia.

Considering that only a select few airlines are equipped to manage such a long-haul flight, our focus has mainly been on American Airlines and Delta Airlines. We've met several times with key figures at American Airlines. We are in ongoing conversations about extending their codeshare agreement with Qatar Airways to include a one-stop service from LAX to EVN.

With Delta Airlines, we seek opportunities to meet with their Network Planning team in Atlanta to explore potential collaboration further.

Politically, we've engaged with members of the Congressional Armenian Caucus and Los Angeles City Council President Paul Krekorian’s staff, briefing them about our market analysis, airline outreach, and strategies.

The Future of LAX to EVN

Through these concerted efforts, dot818 is not just dreaming about improved LAX to EVN connections but actively working to make them a reality. We believe that this transcontinental bridge will ease access to a remarkable talent pool and help to strengthen the exchange of goods and innovation between these two technological hotspots.

Our participation in this project reflects our core philosophy: innovation happens when connections are made. We're proud to engage in strategic discussions and work with key stakeholders, echoing the needs of our tech community and the Armenian-American community in Southern California.

Join us on this journey. Every step we take brings us closer to our goal. From shaping tech solutions to facilitating city connections, we're driven by a shared ambition: to progress and innovate through meaningful relationships. We're excited to share this journey with you, our partners, clients, and the community.

Let's connect the dots together. Let's take flight.