A Memorable Experience at MailCon

After a rewarding trip to Las Vegas, the dot818 team has returned from MailCon. Thank you to the conference organizers for hosting a productive event.

At MailCon 2023, we engaged with new and long-standing partners, focusing on our mission to provide high-quality data and empower publishers to maximize their marketing spend.

The experience allowed us to revitalize relationships, forge new connections, and continue to break ground in our industry. We’re grateful for the chance to connect with so many brilliant minds in the industry and excited to connect with some of those trailblazing thinkers moving forward. 

As we progress, we remain dedicated to helping our clients aim higher. We also envision growing our partnerships. Our time at MailCon has left us more impassioned and motivated than ever, and we eagerly look forward to the growth that lies ahead.

A huge thank you to MailCon for an unforgettable experience.