Doing Our Part During the Pandemic

We have a plan to help communities better understand the spread of the virus.

As Americans are now being told to stay home and not get tested (in order to limit the spread of infection while testing procedures are improved), we feel all communities could benefit from more remote, innovative methods of logging symptoms and potential cases of COVID-19, even if they are not truly confirmed with biological testing. That’s why we are offering our technology to local and state governments.

Dot818 has the infrastructure to generate detailed but user-friendly online forms that anyone can fill out. Our form allows the user to enter all their symptoms through a series of questions. The data from these forms is instantly available to the city to track information about residents and hopefully allow some estimation of hotspots of neighborhoods or communities that are at greater risk of community-level spread.

The compiled information gathered with these forms will further be used to generate models using data analytics and to predict spread.

Individuals can benefit from our service as well. We are in a unique position to help cities build, deploy, and maintain a model for letting residents know whether they should be tested. According to the symptoms listed in the forms, our model indicates who indeed should be recommended to go for testing or further treatment, or who may need to stay home.

This is one way we are doing are part to help during the pandemic.