A Dot of Kindness for Texas

In response to the hardships caused by the winter storms in Texas, dot818 is donating to nonprofits doing great work to help those in need. We encourage everyone to do what they can.

Many are still suffering in Texas. While power is back for most, many do not have access to safe drinking water due to burst pipes. To make matters worse, stores are sold out of food, leaving many people hungry and thirsty.

We donated to the following organizations to help speed up the recovery:

ntfb.org - The North Texas Food Bank gives nutritious food to hungry children, seniors, and families.

adrn.org - The Austin Disaster Relief Network helps with clean-up, and it also sets up shower and laundry centers, storm shelters, and warming centers.

allhandsandhearts.org - This disaster relief program provides “volunteer-powered relief” targeted to community needs.

We know Texas will be back on its feet soon. We are happy to do what we can to help.