Thank You, GTW

We are grateful to the city of Glendale for hosting another successful Tech Week.

We are already looking forward to next year’s Glendale Tech Week. This year’s event felt like a watershed moment for GTW, as attendance was up, and it was impossible not to feel a sense of excitement from technology companies looking to help grow Glendale’s economy. We'll do everything we can to help build on that momentum.

Last night, we attended the Tech Awards. Local food vendors provided delicious and culturally diverse fare, from macaroni and cheese to falafel. Leaders in state and city government were in attendance, and even dot818 took to the stage to congratulate the winners, share a few remarks about the state of technology in Glendale, and reconfirm our commitment to helping foster economic growth in Glendale.

As we look ahead to 2020, we are excited about being part of more initiatives to help local technology companies succeed. Thank you to Glendale’s Economic Development Division for hosting another successful event.


Glendale Tech Week awards ceremony.

Dot818 enjoys the Tech Awards hosted by the City of Glendale.

Dot818 speaks at Glendale Tech Week's closing ceremony.Alek talks with future clients at our GTW booth.

Members of the dot818 team at Glendale Tech Week's Tech Awards.

Dot818 waves goodbye from Glendale Tech Week.