Finturf's innovative technology connects local consumers who are searching for a loan online to a nearby finance location, providing a new form of customer acquisition to brick-and-mortar businesses.

Why Online Consumers Need Retail Locations

Finturf works with the largest online lenders, connecting the consumers they can’t serve to brick-and-mortar locations that are better equipped to offer the consumer a loan.

Over 70 percent of those who apply for an online loan do not receive one. Many of these consumers may still find loan options through a retail location. That’s where we come in. We leverage the online channel to help brick-and-mortar locations receive a steady flow of consumers they can convert to customers at low acquisition costs.

When online consumers connect with a retail location, they receive:

  • a more subjective decision process
  • access to additional products that may be a better fit
  • more flexible options to receive the loan they need

Let Us Deliver Interested Consumers Right to Your Door

For years, we’ve been helping retail locations acquire customers through Lead Generation, a large Affiliate Network, Display Advertising, and Email and Search Marketing. By combining our online marketing expertise with Finturf’s technology, we help brick-and-mortar locations achieve the highest possible return on their marketing spend.

Finturf offers:

  • a fast onboarding process with no startup fees
  • online customers sent to your brick-and-mortar company
  • real-time reporting with an easy-to-use, browser-based dashboard
  • a dedicated support agent who helps interpret and adjust campaigns

The Finturf Portal

As part of the program, we provide a state-of-the-art system to manage the leads sent to a retail location. We offer great insight into how campaigns are performing. Contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have never done online lending or bought leads. Is this the right program for us?

This program is perfect for lenders in your exact situation. We built Finturf to help lenders without extensive online marketing expertise leverage the online channel to acquire new customers for their retail locations.

We bought leads before, and it did not work; how is this different?

The program is not just about buying leads. It includes full program management and training services from professionals who have worked for large lenders running programs just like this. We also provide innovative technology and data analysis solutions that significantly improve campaign performance.

Our retail personnel will never call the leads; how will this program work for us?

Our program management team will work with your retail locations to implement our technology, teaching them the industry’s best practices to ensure successful results. Our innovative technology assures contact with every lead within minutes.

Our technicians have a lot on their plate right now; will this require a lot of their time?

Our program requires very little to NO tech resources! We handle the complete program setup on our side. Piloting the program does not require integrations or any other large-scale tech projects.

We don’t really have anyone to manage the day-to-day aspects of a program like this. Can it still be successful?

YES! Our professional staff of program managers, who have worked on the lender side of the business, can manage all aspects of the program, including program set-up, training, results communication to senior management, and day-to-day management of the program.

I am not sure if our compliance department will allow us to do a program like this. Will this get past them?

We have a fully staffed Legal & Compliance department that is well versed in all aspects of TSPA, FCRA, UDAPP, and Data Security Procedures relevant to lead generation and lending.

We have successfully satisfied the strict compliance requirements of many large publicly traded lenders.