Lender Solutions

Our team is ready to attract and deliver a steady flow of customers to your business.
We build and manage excellent relationships with our lenders. Our ongoing commitment to improving the art of
lead generation means low advertising costs and great profits for our lenders.

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Our Traffic

We deliver the highest quality leads by dealing directly with affiliates who generate their own organic traffic. We do not partner with other networks because we place a high value on our affiliate relationships.


Our marketing platform adapts to your specific needs, thanks to our customizable filters. As you learn what works for your company, we readjust the filters according to your requests, so that your newly routed leads better match your resources.

Why dot818?

  • Long-term, exclusive contracts with no startup fees

  • Customizable filters with multiple lead delivery options

  • Real-time reporting

  • Dedicated account manager

  • More than five years of support experience

  • Long history of customer satisfaction

  • Analytics that target and adapt to fit real world market dynamics

  • Real-time leads

  • We work with affiliates to optimize their web presence

We're Here to Help

Our support team and compliance department help drive business success.

Support Services

Our team strives to provide the best support to our affiliates and lenders. We offer 24/7 online and phone support for any problem or question you may have.


We are proud members of the CFSA and the OLA. We work to provide our affiliates and the public with a measure of trust in our marketing.