Back from Comply 2018

We traveled to NYC last week to attend the world’s biggest compliance conference.

Last week’s Comply 2018 gave us the chance to meet with compliance professionals, advertising lawyers, and regulators with a wide variety of backgrounds. After discussing and digging into various consumer finance regulations, we reached an even greater understanding of our industry’s best practices.

Financial regulations evolve as quickly as our industry's technology. Sometimes it's hard for just one company to keep up with the changes. PerformLine started Comply four years ago as a place for the industry to get together and share insights about the changes, helping everyone reach a comprehensive and current regulatory understanding. It was our privilege to participate in the conversation.

We want to thank everyone involved in making the event a huge success.

For our clients who were not able to attend, if you have any questions about the conference, please reach out to your account manager at any time. We know that compliance is an integral part of your company’s underpinning. We would be happy to pass along anything we learned at the conference that you might find useful.