World Cup Pizza Party

Today we ate pizza and watched Croatia dismantle a highly favored Argentina squad during a three-to-zero World Cup blowout.

Here at dot818 headquarters, we crowded around a TV to watch Argentina and Croatia battle it out during our office World Cup pizza party. While most of us were rooting for Messi until the bitter end, we had a lot of fun watching today’s marquee World Cup matchup. It didn’t go the way we wanted, but the pizza was delicious (thank you, Lucky 7!) and it’s always fun spending time together as a team.

At dot818, we work hard and play hard. We enjoy monthly company lunches, having food catered by some of the area’s nicest restaurants. In the past, we've competed in a Spartan obstacle course race, donated blood to the Children's Hospital L.A., and supported local charities and non-profit organizations. Now we've started throwing World Cup pizza parties.

If this sounds like your kind of office, we are currently hiring for a few positions. Check them out and send over your resume. Who knows, you could be part of our next team-building event.